Jack-Knife Gypsy

アーティストPaul Siebel
作詞Paul Siebel
作曲Paul Siebel
Jack-Knife Gypsy
Don't you take my life
My kids are hungry
The sickness got my wife
I work at the mills
Where they make that stockyard feed
So you can take my money
My life is all I really need

Jack-Knife Gypsy
Every man must cheat
I know your problem
I've lived on the street
Too much of nothin'
Can make us very small
But if you cut me deep
We'll not have nothin' at all

Jack-Knife Gypsy
I see you don't look so good
I've seen you limpin'
Through the neighbor hood
I knew your momma
I knew your daddy too
Come see me next payday
I'll see what I can do

Jack-Knife Gypsy
I'm goin' home to bed
This ain't been nice
But we got somethin' said
I once held the knife
The same way that you do
So you see there ain't much
Difference from me and you


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