アーティストCecilio & Kapono
作詞Henry Kapono Ka'aihue
作曲Henry Kapono Ka'aihue
I was down in Atlanta, Georgia, so
far away from home
Woke up missing my baby
and feeling so alone
Only time can change my mind,
from feeling sad and blue
Longing, longing for you

Got to find myself a song to sing
Waiting for the days to bring me
Closer to my home sweet home
Closer to the love I know
To feel the sunshine on my face
The smile, the love, the warm embrace
Longing, longing (for you)

I've got a girl and she's so fine
She's in Georgia on my mind
Thinking 'bout her all the time
And feeling so alone
Thinking 'bout when I come home to her
And to know I won't be
Longing, longing anymore
Longing, longing anymore
Longing, longing anymore


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