Have You Ever Had That Feelin'

アーティストCecilio & Kapono
作詞Henry Kapono Ka'aihue
作曲Henry Kapono Ka'aihue
Hey mister sun
Won't you shine on me
And give me some light so that I can see
Hey mister bluebird
Won't you sing for me
And, I'll sing along in harmony
And, hey everybody
Listen to the music
Cuz once you get that feelin
I'm sure you can't lose it

(Sing me a song)
Well I'll sing you a song
That will ease your mind
(Play me a tune)
And I'll play you a tune
That would take you higher
(Don't make me cry)
I'd play you a song
That would make you cry
But, I'm feelin' so happy
I just don't know why
And, hey everybody (Everybody)
Do you get that feelin' (Everybody)
It makes your body feel like
Rockin' n' reelin'

Have you ever had that feelin'...


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