Da Doo Rendezvous

アーティストValerie Carter
作詞Andy Fairweather Low
作曲Andy Fairweather Low
I'm everyone's tomorrow
I'm fading through my jeans
Covered in confusion
Maybe it's a dream
Pour some magic on me
A balla walla day
Yesterday's on fire
Let me sail away

Need you so bad
I don't know what to do
You're so good to me
Da doo rendezvous
Need you so bad
I'm sneaking up on you
Da doo rendezvous
Da doo rendezvous

I'm tired of feeling hungry
It's raining in my eyes
I'm lost without a reason
And I don't know why
I can't wait any longer
I'm breaking up inside
Ring some changes on me
Or I'll run and hide


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