Blue Collar Jane

アーティストThe Strypes
作詞Josh McClorey, The Strypes
作曲Josh McClorey, The Strypes
Blue Collar Jane,
lives in fifty-four
Always got a teacup
when she knacks upon my door
She just wants some milk and sugar
but all I want is her
Blue Collar Jane, my girl,
you're causin' quite a stir

Oh we could be, BLUE
C-O-L-L-A-R-J-A-N-E, oh baby please
If you could see, then you'd agree
That I love Blue Collar Jane
and she loves me

Blue Collar Jane,
always in your town
Never wears her hair up
'cos she's always dressin' down
Got a four-wheel drive you know
that's how she gets around
Blue Collar Jane, my girl,
you knock me to the ground


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