No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed / チャンスも経験もいらない

作詞Richie Havens
作曲Richie Havens
Step out in the night
When you're lonely
Listen for the sounds
That your ears don't hear.
I know your cross is heavier
With every step, every step
But I know a man
Who'd walk miles for you.

Stop! stay where you are.
Take a look at yourself.
Take a good look at yourself.
Can't tell your mama,
She'd only tell you
That she told you so,
The life you're leading
She won't believe
The real trick of life we all know.

Dawn turns to day
And the dawning
Daytime Nighttime
And we still can't see
Why must we wait
Until the morning light
To wake up and be
To wake up and be
To wake up and be
To wake up and be.


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