Farewell Gig In Amsterdam

アーティストTai Phong
作詞Stephan Caussarieu
作曲Stephan Caussarieu
He turns that handle ... shine
Playing tunes for people passing by
Looks so sad I guess you wonder why
Well, he's on ... a new day
No one there to guide him on his way
No one there to comfort his dismay

From the cold lonely nights
These dreams filled with fear
Full of brothers and fights
There's no peace for man here

They always passed by on their way
After school to hear the organ play
Old man smiled and beckoned them to stay
So they sat there for a while
Round the fire to keep them from the cold
And they listened to tale he told

So he starts to recall
Days of youth in Brazil
In the cold of the north
He was gulping the pill

So he starts
To recall days of youth in Brazil
In the cold
While he was gulping the pill

Once was a star
He became the master round
To hear him play those torn toms
Vibes and gong on my drum

Music from afar
With a great percussion sound
Playing summers and dancing along
With the song, what went wrong

After success he
Returned to play
A farewell gig in Amsterdam

He met
A nice young girl and
He fell way down under her spell
He quit the band

All good things must end
She drove him round the bend
He lost all his pride


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