Back Again

アーティストTai Phong
作詞Jean Jacques Goldman
作曲Jean Jacques Goldman
Back again
Well, I'm back to this place
I left before
Back again
And it's so strange to discover
Everything, nothing has changed
But it's all different

Back again
I've been nowhere such a long time
But I'm back again
I was so far but I'm...
For the the snow
First song in the air

I just used to believe
There was a place to live
Somewhere another life
And searching all the time
Look at my empty eyes
Look at my empty mind
Now I'm back here to live
But there is no one here
Not a friend, not a bride
Not a hug, not a smile
Does anybody hear
Does anybody mind

Back again
On the road I learned to forget
Put us back again
I refuse to admit how much
How much that I needed more
Somewhere to be bound

Now I'm back again
Getting late I've kept so much
I'm paying back again
Nothing's so free and so easy
Yet I'm ready for a start
Play a brand new part


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