When It's The Season / 憧憬と失意の季節

アーティストTai Phong
作詞Jean Jacques Goldman
作曲Jean Jacques Goldman
Faster drive it faster
Speedup if you can
Look at the time you lose
when everything is a question of time
Louder speakers louder music in my blood
If you can't follow me loser sorry I don't wait

Faster ladies faster shorten if you can
Look the time you lose
And love's just a question of fact
One glass and another
Hot steam in my blood
Rather burn my life than give it up to dust

Sixty years old, it's not old
Specially in my case remember how
I was envied yesterday
But there's a girl who laughs, staring my jeans

She's much too young to know me
But if she had the time
I could have told her how loved I was when I
But she just goes by
It's cold tonight for the season
It's cold tonight

I'd like to have someone here
Just someone to talk with
She wanted a child but I didn't
She left how could I have foreseen
Where are they now

Sometimes frightened I listened pass
The seconds of an hour
Was it a reason to waste them
Was it a reason to despise
It's cold tonight, it's cold tonight
So cold well it's the season


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