Tender Light

作詞Amii Ozaki
作曲Amii Ozaki
In the flicker of a candle flame
I see a photograph of yesterday
And then I start to think about your gentle smile
Tender Light
I feel your essence drawing close to me
And though I know it's just a fantasy
It still seems real enough to me as I dose my eyes

My love I feel that I could even die
And never have to question why
Safe in your arms, anywhere anytime
Sailing across our sea of love

So now I'm here, falling to pieces
I'm still m love so what's left for me to do
Tender Light

So many visions in my memory
A child afraid and crying by the sea
It seems so hard to ever say just what we feel
Tender Light
Red sandals step too close to breaking waves
Like laughter lost inside of fairy tales
Yes one by one I start to see what they mean to me

My love you know you make me feel so warm
whispering your words so soft
Time could stand still, anyday anywhere
Sailing across our sea of love

It's ready love and growing stronger
And in my mind I just don't know what lo do

So now I'm here falling to pieces
I'm still in love, you Know there's really only you
Tender Light


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