The Letter / 手紙

アーティストKarla Bonoff
作詞Karla Bonoff
作曲Karla Bonoff
Back there in your room, while you were gone
I found the pages that she wrote to you
My heart just froze
But I couldn't stop myself
I see what jealously can do

I see now it's true, well there has been somebody
Who's had a real hold on you
And here in this bed, I guess you must have held her
How strange I never knew

She wrote that you said
You needed her to face the world
I wish that it could all just be erased
I can't believe she could take my place

Ass you came up the stairs
You asked "Are you all right?"
"I'd better go" was all I said
But there in your room I saw something that
I really wish I never read


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