Little Johnny Hooker

アーティストGrand Funk
作詞Mark Farner
作曲Mark Farner
Oh, I'm gonna tell you a story
About little boy
Oh, sad little boy
Oh, talking about little Johnny Hooker

Little Johnny Hooker
Was a sissy on the street
All of his life
All his natural own life
Until his daddy took him asids
And said "Son, now here's your swich blade knife"
He said "Get out in the street, boy
And cut yourself some meat, boy
Get out on your own side of the road
Enlighten my love"

Johnny made a mistake
And took his knife down to school one day, yeah
And when the bell rang at lunch
Freddy Miller went and got in Johnny's way, boys
He took his knife from his pocket
Pushed the button on the side
When it seemed the Queen's ch
You've seen the light
In Freddy's eyes

Little Johnny learnt his lesson
From the knife, now you see
Yes he did
Because for what he'd done
To Fred
He spent some time
In a penitentiary

It was a day in the courtroom
Exhibit letter ready
When the jury had seen the knife
They put little shine
And danced away


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