The Piano Boy

アーティストJoanie Sommers
作詞Jerry Kennedy
作曲Jerry Kennedy
The boy next door
Is silly as can be
He'd rather play piano
Than come out and play with me
He's playin'

He gets up in the morning
And he plays that silly tune
And though I try to catch his eye
Morning, night and noon
He's playin'

One magic night the moon was bright
And pretty as can be
And as he passed he paused at last
And he took a look at me
He stopped that

Now when I pass his window
We play a different part
He smiles at me so tenderly
And I listen with my heart
While he plays

If all my prayers are answered
Maybe someday we'll be wed
And they won't play "Oh Promise Me"
They'll play our song instead
Yes, they'll play


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