Don't Cry, Old Man / 疲れ果てた心

アーティストJanis Ian
作詞Janis Ian
作曲Janis Ian
Winter's cold, summer's hot
Love is old, dreams are not
Times are hard and so am I
Tired heart, too tired to cry

Dreams are all I have to give
When we die our dreams still live
Old man, I'm thirsty still
One day I'll drink my fill

Oh, I've been away too long
I've been away too long
I don't remember how it's done
Can I call on you for help?
Do I have to help myself

Are you glad with what you've got
Are you burning, are you hot
When we're old, like as not
we will burn until we rot

Don't weep old man, don't cry
I knew you when
I was so much colder then
Fathers always build the dreams
Children tear apart the seams

Old man, I'm thirsting still
One day I'll drink my fill
Old man, please don't die
before our thirst is satisfied


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