Goodbye To Morning / 朝にお別れを

アーティストJanis Ian
作詞Janis Ian
作曲Janis Ian
Don't sing me love songs
You know they make me cry
Don't bring me any promises
You've none I want to buy
Don't send me any letters
You know, I never learned to read
Leave them on the doorstep
Sit back and watch me bleed

Bleeding for the sailors
who never caught the tide
and the wind goes on forever
Tomorrow never dies
and I wave goodbye to morning
and stake my life on land

I was sitting on the doorstop
Watching Satan have his day
It was half past morning
'fore I tore myself away
I've never looked beyond the mirrors
of our used-to-be
The gilded edges shadow sketches
in the light of memory

And I found the paint by number
with your name across the top
and the room began to dance
to the spinning of the clock
And I waved goodbye to morning
but I left the door unlocked

Well the tears flow like wine
and the salt makes you blind
so you beg a little time
'cause you're choking on the vine
but the words begin to pour
and it feels just like war
and your face is on the floor
and you cannot find the door

And I think I found the answer
where you left it on the shelf
but it's too late to wonder
if I left it there myself
And the room begins to rock
The walls begin to steam
and the clock won't stop
and I'm living in between
So I wave goodbye to morning
and stake my life on dreams


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