Water Colors / 想い出の水彩画

アーティストJanis Ian
作詞Janis Ian
作曲Janis Ian
I remember photographs
Watercolors of the past
He turned and said, "You ask much of me"
Then, when we made our peace
We lay between the sheets
He turned and said, "I set you free"

Go on, be a hero
Be a photograph
Make your own myths
Christ, I hope they last
longer than mine
wider than the sky
we measure time by

Go on, be a hero I set you free
Your stagehand lovers
have conquered me
They'll send you carnations
while smiling faces look
on and applaud
Go on, go on,
Go away from me

I said, "Do you wish me dead?"
Lip service to books you've read
Articles on how to bed a bird in flight
You called it love
I called it greed
You say "You take what you want"
I said "You get what you need"

Go on, be a hero, be a man
Make your own destiny, if you can
Go find a fence
Locate a shell and hide yourself
Go on, go to hell,
Go away from me
I need no charity

He said Come unto me
I am beauty
I am the light
Come unto me
Hold the darkness
and stay the night
I am wonder
I am the heart's delight
Tomorrow we'll fight

Come on, come on
Come near to me
Come be my fantasy
We'll talk it over again some time
I'll send some flowers
to change your mind
Hold me
Come on, come on
and set me free
Lend me your charity


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