Ties That Bind / 心の絆

アーティストCarole King
作詞Carole King
作曲Carole King
Once I heard - long, long ago
That love's so hard to find
But if you've got it don't let go
All because of pride

The times when I can hold you
In my heart and in my mind
Are the times when I can really know you
And leave the rest behind

Go on and make believe if you want to
It's a real good sign
And stay with me if you'd like to
Come, put your hand in mine

Down on the sidewalk, out on the street
You needed a connecting line
You tie up with some of the people you meet
And the day begins to shine
All the ties that bind

The day begins to shine
In my heart and in my mind
All the ties that bind
All the ties, the ties that bind


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