Poverty Train

アーティストLaura Nyro
作詞Laura Nyro
作曲Laura Nyro
last call for the poverty train
last call for the poverty train
It looks good and dirty
on Shiny light strip
and if you don't get beat
you got yourself a trip

You can see the walls roar
see your brains on the floor
become God
become cripple
become funky
and split
why was I born

I just saw the Devil
and he's smilin at me
I heard my bones cry
"Devil why's it got to be"
Devil played with my brother
Devil drove my mother
Now the tears in the gutter
are floodin the sea
why was I born

Oh baby
It looks good and dirty
them shiny lights glow
a million night tramps
tricks and tracks
will come and go
You're starvin today
but who cares anyway
baby it feels like I'm dyin

I swear there's somethin better than
gettin off on sweet cocaine
it feels so good
it feels so good
getting off the poverty train


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