I Stand Alone

アーティストAl Kooper
作詞Al Kooper
作曲Al Kooper
I, woo I, stand alone
All alone
Can nobody make me change my mind
About my love

So many people trying to bring a good thing down today
You know it's down on the ground before it's had a chance to get
away, yes

I, woo, I, stand alone woo
In a world where the people wheel you this way yeah
Till you veer
I tried so very hard to win her love for me
Can't nobody take me where I don't want to be

Love of my life. I feel so much love for you
That's why I stand alone and do the things I, I have to do
I have never been so much in love as I am, I am today
And tomorrow, I know tomorrow

I woo, I, sand alone
All alone
Come on and testify, giri
(I stand alone) all right!
(Stand alone, oh,) Come on everybody! (oh)
I stand before you. Baby (I stand alone)
With all of my love is due to you
Can nobody make me treat you bad (oh)
Yeah. I love you (I stand alone)
I love you (stand alone)
Nobody tell me what to do with my life
Now...come on! Yeah!


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