Touch The Hem Of His Garment / 聖衣に触れて

アーティストAl Kooper
作詞Sam Cooke
作曲Sam Cooke
There was a woman in the bible days
She had been sick so very long
When she heard my savior was coming to town
She joined the gathering throng
And while she was passing
Her way through someone cried out,
"Woman, what are you trying to do?"
She said,
"I would just like to touch the hem of his garment
And I know that I would be made whole."
She spent her money here
And there untill she had no more to spare
The doctors they done all they could

But their medicine would do no good
When she touched him the savior did not see
But still he turned around and said,
"Somebody touched me."
She said,
"It was me and
I would just like to touch the hem of your garment
And I know I would be made whole,"


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