Blind Baby

アーティストAl Kooper
作詞Al Kooper
作曲Al Kooper
Blind baby, you was born, could not see
Blind baby, so much better off than me

Your father was downhearted
When the doctor broke the news
He couldn't understand
How his life was so abused
And you cannot feel your mama
Tho you suckle of her breast
You know she's bound to leave you
Just like all the rest

You cannot read the paper, you cannot watch T.V.
You cannot see the hopelessness in some one's eyes like me
You won't be able to tell who it was
Who spat into your face
But it don't take sight to know what it's like
To always be last place
And tho your life is darkness
You smile instead of cry
But there must be truth in darkness
For the light just hurts my eyes


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