(Be Yourself) Be Real / 自分自身でありなさい

アーティストAl Kooper
作詞Al Kooper
作曲Al Kooper
Why do we try to be what we want to be
If we can never be what we are?
And if we could find the way to enjoy every day
We would have nothing to look forward to at all
There's nothing wrong with being just somebody
Cause everybody's got
Some beauty deep within
But it's not so hard to doubt
What the next guy's all about
When he lets the evil out and keeps all the good stuff in

Be yourself, be real
Don't be nobody else
Be real, be real, be real

And if the woman is loving you for the soulful things you do
You ought to see her thru cause
She's few and far between
And today there is many a man
Who will walk up and down this land
And never really understand
What something like that means
Now I don't believe there's a man for every woman
So if you get lucky don't be playin any game
For you must never hide
The little things you really feel inside
Or someday some one's bound to go insane


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