Man's Temptation

アーティストAl Kooper, Mike Bloomfield
作詞Curtis Mayfield
作曲Curtis Mayfield
You know sometime
Another woman comes in your life
You got to forsake what you have at home
You don't know what you're doing
But you love that little one that's home
That's what this song's all about

One more time to test the will power of me,
This feeling that I hold inside
Just won't let me be
You know this woman won't leave me alone
She's trying to ruin my happy home
With man's temptation
Well I've got a lover back home
She's the beat in my heart
You know I think so much so much in love
I never thought we'd drift apart
To each other we had been so true
'Til along, come a woman like you
With man's temptation

I know I've got to be strong
I've got to stand up, where I belong
I'm so afraid for what I must do on
I've got to choose my woman or you
Well I've got a feeling tellin' me
Let your heart be your guide

But you know I'm so much in love with either one
Which makes it hard to decide
Though my mind continue to roam
You know my heart stays right here at home
To control my temptation
Sorry little miss, yes, hey, hey
That's the way it is
Sorry I can't stay, hey, hey
You know I've got to be moving on...
I've got to get away
I've got to, I've got to,
I've got to keep on moving,
I've got to stay away from them people
I've got to keep
I've got to keep myself home right now
And leave the other stuff alone


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