The Animal Trainer And The Toad

作詞Leslie West, Sue Palmer
作曲Leslie West, Sue Palmer
For many a year I was so confused
And I didn't know what to play
But then I met a man who picked up his horn
And showed me just what to say

He was skinny and lean and he kept his nose clean
And he knew how to write them tunes
Then came a day when we started to play
And you know we conquered the moon

I'm in a band, a rock 'n' roll band, I'm in a band
We called him Beethobin and then we showed them
Exactly where we wanted to go
So we started a band and toured all the land
A rakin' in all of that dough

We smoked a few cigs and we played a few gigs
And never missed nearly a one
We covered the states and we hit the great lakes

And, boy, did we have us some fun
We had an idea so we put it in gear
And soon we were out on the road
We did it to play and then they started to say
The animal trainer and the toad


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