作詞Sandro Oliva, Manuel Caramori
作曲Sandro Oliva, Manuel Caramori
Once again I'll show my vanity
Facing all the envy of society
Searching for the answer to my need
I found the right interest for me

Oh baby follow me
'Cause the night is special
Luxury is my only passion
And you are the most fashion

Limousine is the car of my dreams
I wanna more, Gimme more
I'm not a poor!
The best for you and me
Any movie made those crazy things
Wanna be my queen?
And we'll stay on top
With never stop
Time of joy and glory
I hope this is a neverending story...

Infinite the optional inside
Guaranteed by me to blow your mind
You can enjoy the swimming pool
Or take a drink 'cause everything is for you!

After a golf match maybe you are hungry
So call the chef and order a sushi
But keep aside the energy
To make love with me


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