Nonsense Sensation

作詞Matteo Rizzi, Clara Moroni
作曲Matteo Rizzi, Clara Moroni
Now that the day is over
Sleep baby sleep
The nihgt's for lover
Into my room
Under the moon
Dream baby dream baby
A new sensation began

I'll be your shoulder
Nothing better we can do
That live a life together
Only me only you
Only what we like to do

Nonsense sensation
Is like an overnight emotion
No matter what we can all go through
The number one thing is you

Nonsense sensation
You don't need any reputation
No matter what we can have been through
I'm your number one
And my number one is you

Now that the night is over
Live baby live
This perfect moment
Into my life
Feelings are high
Smile baby smile baby
A new sensation beaan


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