I Can't Stop Lovin' You

アーティストDream Fighters
作詞Davide Di Marcantonio
作曲Davide Di Marcantonio
My life is gonna change,
There's something in the air tonight
I wanna make you fall in love,
You will light up my soul

My love is true, I'll never say goodbye,
But nothing's gonna move, don't ask me why.
A neverending story take my motion high
It's burning in my life babe

Take me now, I can't stop loving you
Forever you bring me in heaven
No more lonely night together

Stop the time I wanna make you crazy

Call me now, I can't stop loving you
You make me so full of passion
I feel the power of your shadow
Please remember, I can't stop loving you

My heart is beatin' fast,
There's something in my head tonight
So you can change my world but please now
You don't let me down


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