Red Hot Planet

作詞Sandro Oliva, Tomas Marin, Alessandra Gatti
作曲Sandro Oliva, Tomas Marin, Alessandra Gatti
Hello can you hear me
I'm so in love with you
Cuttest girl above
She got what I needed
The beauty and the smoothing
Like the stars

Getting ready my starship babe
And I fly to you to bring you back
Mission control I am ready now
Permission to take off
For my blue girl

Red hot planet YEAH!
I am leaving there
Sending out a sign for you
Red hot planet BABE!
Can you feel it now
Lonely in the universe

I'm on the way now
But there is no light to guide
Me right in
I've been looking for you
A hundred million years
Ago so long


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