End of the Line

アーティストSleigh Bells
作詞Alexis Krauss, Derek Miller
作曲Alexis Krauss, Derek Miller
The nightmare lies in the mourning
when the birds are bleeding and you hope
the day will come but you're never gonna live
this down wish it away with
the blame you could just stop breathing now
you didn't want it enough and you tap and you
cut and you start with the heavy
breathing you're parallel to the dark
but they're still not leaving but you try and talk you'll
do anything
but you're never gonna keep it down don't leave me now
it didn't have to be this way you know
it didn't have to be
but it's the end of the line so goodbye
can you hear me can
you see me ah-ah well
it's the end of the line so goodbye now
you talk to yourself and you wonder why nothing ever changes
how you're gonna fall so far so fast
who you gonna blame this on
i don't care anymore in the morning
when the birds start bleeding now and it's all the same
i was faced to the wall with the mirror crashing down
and you stood so tall but you fall
and you're never gonna get back up
you didn't want it enough am i central now am i central now
i was central how no one loves you up above you no one
hears you no one sees you


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