作詞Yuta Yasuno
Dear you, hope you are well over there
How's your new life?
I'm still here and surviving

Through many winters since
The world has changed
Now the hope blows through the sky
With the clear spring breeze

There's a rainbow after the rain
Now the future is in this hand
In the chaos, People holding each other's hand
Taking step by step everyday
It's vexing and hard at the same time
And so many things that cannot be helped
But the hope is shining bright

On my side
I'm busy everyday
I'm worn out
Things on my back are too much to carry
But I'm still on my way
And singing your favorite song

Cityscape stained with the setting sun and the long shadow
Pieces nf drpnms left hphind
Flame will never goes out if we don't give up
No matter how small or twisted it can be
I'll call that a hope

Dear you
I'm getting use to this world without you
Nothing is easy
But I'm still here to survive
I'm still here today


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