No Lights

作詞Yuta Yasuno
Why do people argue?
We just want to smile
Wishing this fun will never end
Why is it so sad?
We have things to defend
I just wish all the sadness disappear
Yes, I know there are always both sides
And things that we can't see
Strong light makes deeper shadow
If the light makes us blind
I'll turn it off
For a brighter future

I don't need a light
I don't need a shadow
I don't need it at all No fight, no sadness
Just want to keep on laughing
Not asking for convenience
No sacrifice
Just when I go to sleep
I want to feel safe to say
Good night

Birds flying across the blue sky
Whales in the deep ocean
People holding hand in hand
Don't take it for granted
We don't need a light
The world is bright enough
We are here, shining bright enough


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