The Electric Wizards and the Lonely Humming Bird

作詞Yuta Yasuno
Sometimes words can be sharp as a blade
Tears me up in little pieces
And the pain comes after me
And sometimes the eyes shoot me right through
In the speed of light it strikes
My frozen heart with in fear

Silence is a shield to protect
Humming bird in the lonely cage
Still won't let it go
The sword of words rusted in hate
Electric wizards caught in chains
Struggling with own spell
There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Hurting each other with grief

Looking up to the sky and crying lonely humming bird
Without the wings to fly
Still trapped in a small world all alone
Crowd of people caught in chains
Crying with no voice
Lonely humming bird
Where is freedom?
The sad song echoes

Look here
You aren't chained anymore
Nothing will hurt you
So destroy what you have in your hand
No songs or words are there
Now set your self free from the spell
You are free
You can fly anywhere
If there's no freedom there
That's where the truth begins


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