When Gran'ma Plays The Banjo

アーティストRoy Wood
作詞Roy Wood
作曲Roy Wood
When Grandma plays the banjo
She's sure to play it hot
When Grandma plays the banjo
She gives it alls she's got

My Papa said she had the will
To practice everyday
She must have worn her fingers out
When learnin' how to play
Now she goes....

My cousin looks a real professional
Sharp down jealous man
When he picks up the old banjo
He plays it really grand
When he goes....yeh
I ain't even played it for a couple of weeks

The young cowboys could really laugh
As she began to play
You kids just don't know where it's at
My grandma used to say
Although that lady's saw it
all with pinned up silver hair
When she gets really movin'
she don't need rockin chair
She just goes....


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