Love In The Rain

アーティストEdgar Broughton Band
作詞Edgar Broughton
作曲Edgar Broughton
Oh I hear the sirens calling
As the rain kept gently falling
Oh come away, the floods before you
Where the winds blow only promise
I guess I'm number one
I hear her body calling
As rain kept gently falling
Then a deluge fell down on her
My kingdom is a sea, a sea
Oh love in the rain
Oh, oh alright
We're gonna make it baby
Oo oo oo come on
Oo oo can you make it?
So can I

Tell your mum I'm no fussy lover
Like I'm not bold, making love with your mother
Oo oo get it together
Come up come up
Down down
Up down, up and all around
I'm a-comin' I'm a-comin'....
You are temptation
Love in the rain
Love in the rain....
I'm comin', I'm comin'....
Nearly there, nearly there oo....
That was so good


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