アーティストEdgar Broughton Band
作詞Edgar Broughton
作曲Edgar Broughton
Cry, don't you

I got off the train, the 515
Into a yellow taxi cab
The station was deserted
The taxi guy was sad
I wound up looking all over this town

Looking for a place to go
I saw no one that knew me
Nor, no one did I know
I went down the road
To Mary Malone's tobacco shop
Oh mercy my dear
She died last year
Then I said I will not stop
The sky it was all bleeding
The rain clouds chasing down
But what I seen that moment
Could never be unknown

A piece of paper drawn on
But nobody you will steal
Statesmen sitting round the table
Are bound by fire in here
One said his name so boldly
That the others followed on
For what I'd seen that Monday
Could never be unknown
Everything was gone gone
Everything was gone
Everything was gone gone....

A boy played with a blue ball
Coal dust filled the air
The will to give him a gamble
But he was not there
The seas they were a boiling
And the steam rose ten miles high
That sulphur rain, rainfall
Somewhere in the sky sky sky
Somewhere in the sky



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