Do You Want Some Smoke?

作詞Derek Allenby
作曲Derek Allenby
Smoke from the chimney
Twists into the skies
Let me follow it with my dreams
And fly in the cloud
Which I am floating on
Tomorrow is too late
This cloud of mine won't wait

Smoke from the fire
Created by my mind
And leaves a comfort of its own
And faces life while in the bitter sky
Drifting to the clouds
Its swaddling cloaks a shroud

Test of time will tell
Spool of funeral bell
But we may not know
Which one it is

Reason for my life
Cause of all my strife
And cause of all my hopes and happiness
Smoke in the grey mist
Finding me a cloud
To give my a mind a rest in clouds

Before ascending on again
Drifting to the sky
Never asking why


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