Rheinhardt & Geraldine / Colores Para Delores

アーティストKevin Ayers
作詞Kevin Ayers
作曲Kevin Ayers
There's nothing new around the sun
Everything you think of has been done
All been done before your time
Sometime or another
By someone and his brother
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

From the poison comes a flower
Butterfly for just an hour
But it burns ecstatic fire
The kind of life we all desire
Desire, fire

White is the color of night
When there's nobody there
And you sit in your chair
And get drunk on despair

Red is the color, it's said
That can drive you insane
With pleasure or pain
It depends on your head

Brown is the color of skin
That I'd like to be in
As it doesn't seem right
To be colored so white

Blue is the color of sky
And I won't even try
To explain how or why
I'll just show you the sky, yeah
Just show you the sky


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