アーティストPete Brown&Piblokto
作詞Pete Brown
作曲Pete Brown
The woman hunts with fire
Oh forgive her
Should she stumble
Against beggars in the dark
Weeping as they fall

Would kiss her
Though you're angry
When she smokes in your bed
Kiss her body a flames
And your body will be blood

Carrying torches for her
Her flames fall from black skies
Watch them burning
Reflected in her unseeing eyes

Oh hold her up cause she's blind
Oh tell her cause she's black
Come home then through future shocks
Black marks on my back

Oh her fingers are always outstretched
Touch the faint glance of light
Thought so many hands have fell
In bed alone, blind flight
Let's jump above and under
Let's dance on to the day

Sharing romance through our way
Turns a sad mashed grey


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