Things May Come And Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On For Ever

アーティストPete Brown&Piblokto
作詞Pete Brown
作曲Pete Brown
There was a Chinese O.K. merchant
There was a World War II G.I.
There was a boy with his face painted
There was a girl her face unpainted
Deadly white shines through light

Here is a drunken British policeman
Here is a friendly prostitute
Here is a boy who's dead already
Here is the girl who once did love him
By his side, tearful eyed

Here is a tip from Margaret Thatcher
Giving the questions to the people
Here is a rounded country vicar
Chasing the schoolgirls round the steeple
Here is a clown with red-rimmed eyes
Burning his own hand as he cries

Here is a teacher makes his students
Here is a monster out of space
Here is a girl who loves her teacher
Here is a boy who really loves her
Two fat doqs above her

There is a lonely ballerina
Throwing her favors to the faces
Here is a rooting politician
Strangling the country with his braces
There is a king with tearful eyes
Losinq his kinqdom as he cries

Passengers dash, there's no escaping
For it's the function of the year
Somethings are melting, some are shapin'
It's up above, the end is nearing
End my dear, the bars appea


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