アーティストBattle Beast
作詞Anton Kabanen
作曲Anton Kabanen
Welcome the action
Welcome the pain
Oh, wicked ways
Slitting throats open
Bloody swords and knives
Oh, our way of life

Take us for a ride into the sky
We never leave our brothers dying
Griffith, lead us to the fight!
Facing the most gruesome enemy
On every single battlefield
We give'em death and take their gold

Extremely skillful
Extremely strong
Oh, the slayer of a hundred men
Raid ieader Guts
Too damn tough
Oh, for anyone to handle

The sign of the Hawk rises on the hill -They kill!
The heart of the damned - Blood runs down the hills - Victory!

What's going on in your mind
Just the moment before you strike?
What do you feel when you take a life?
Do you ever cry?

Oh, it's time to burn!



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