Savage And Saint

アーティストBattle Beast
作詞Anton Kabanen
作曲Anton Kabanen
Painless words don't mean a thing
Stainless world is a gift of lie
King of kings is a fallen man
No way out of here aiive

Boy and girl never meet again
Life or death - Which one hurts more?
Chained outside cold every night
Reaching out for a helping hand

I don't believe my faith belongs to no one
They will deceive me if only they will get a chance
Why do I hide from her? She's blinded by her God of Love
The boy and the girl savage and saint
The end of the line fortune or fate

Somewhere else before the end
Man and God lost on the way
End of time - Who will survive?
Reaching out for a single one

The boy and the girl savage and saint


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