Morbid Intention To Kill

アーティストSuicidal Angels
作詞Nick Melissourgos
作曲Nick Melissourgos
Awaiting in the distant black
A psychotic form
Swallowed in the will to kill
Life is ignored

Satisfaction to be pleased
A distorted mind
Spreading sickness and disease
Slavery of humankind
This is now what I have become
The beast you used to hide
I am your fear, your need to kill
I'm what you keep inside

Morbid intention to kill

Nothing to stop me
Preventing your death
I'm gonna bring you the night
Once (Since) I was born
To kill is my fate
Evil will meet in my sight
Gathering powers
Of all damned in hell
I am the son to be cursed
Your blood is my life
Sickness disease
I'm choosing the souls that will serve

Slay down the gods
Thrown in the abyss
This is the path of no return

One by one
Will feel the blade condemned
Inner desire
Like eternal fire
Burning under my skin
I cant stop the madness
Buried in sadness
I can't help my intention to kill


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