アーティストSuicidal Angels
作詞Nick Melissourgos
作曲Nick Melissourgos
Sacred whispers of the praise
Echoes in my head
To arm my hand and kill at once
Lead you to your grave
Blood is flowing in my mind
Reveal my evil side
Stick the needle in my vein
You'll find genocide


Uncontrolled desire
Fall into eternal black
I walk the path of fire
Hypocrites betrayers
Laughing when I fall
I'll get you down in hell with me
Obey the final call
Onlv living -sign the movement of vour eyes
Dead, you're feeling dead
You're sleeping dead
You're dead before you realize

Forced violated
Sodomized parts
Of just an empty corpse

When blood is coming out in drops
Savage execution

To beg for his reprieve
Vital organs floating
A lake of remnant blood
Thy servants need to feed

Until you die


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