The Duchess Of Orleans / オリアンズの公爵夫人

アーティストBabe Ruth
作詞Alan Shacklock
作曲Alan Shacklock
Do, pardon me yer 'ighness
For seeming so forlorn
A thief by trade they knows me
For you I am reborn
Like a men who knows me well
I won't be cruel I'm just a heavy swell

Please come a little closer so I may see your face
Pray hold your lantern higher it's clear-now but wait
It's a face a know well
It's not for me to say but we'll find a way

Heaven knows I could be wrong
To love a guy like you
Your rags and my riches won't do
Heaven knows I should be strong
And damn my yesterday
Help me find a way

Take, take my hand so tight
So you can't let go
I know your tale is dirty
And we must surely know
That is only time can tell
We'll get off the stones where runners don't go.

Heaven knows those saddened eyes
Can tell me all I wanna know
Your face can't hide feelin' that shows
God I've found the perfect love a vagabond it seems
When you're holdin' me, lovin' me, love ain't so blind now
It's time to believe it's a dream
And leave, the Duchess of Orleans
And leave...


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