Cool Jerk

アーティストBabe Ruth
作詞Donald Storball
作曲Donald Storball
Cool Jerk
Cool Jerk

We know the cat who can really do the
Cool Jerk
He's the cat who can really do the
Cool Jerk

This cat they're talkin' about
I wonder who could it be
Cos I know
That I'm the heaviest cat
The heaviest cat you ever did see
When you see me walkin'
Down the street
And the fellahs want to speak
On their faces they wear silly smirks
Cos they know I'm the queen of the Cool Jerk

Look at them guys lookin'
At me like I'm a fool
Hah but deep down inside
They know I'm cool
I said now I said now the moment
Of truth has finally come
When I'm gonna show you
Some: some of that Cool Jerk

Can you do it

Cool Jerk
Come on people!
Cool Jerk


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