Gimme Some Leg (There Ain't Nothin' You Can Do 'Bout It!)

アーティストBabe Ruth
作詞Alan Shacklock, Jenny Haan
作曲Alan Shacklock, Jenny Haan
Hitchin down for Berkeley Way
Was taken for a ride
Soul brothers ridin'

In a big white limo
Gonna take me where I wanna hide

They was wearin' shades
Takin swills
Of liquor strong and pure
I poured out m'heart
While they laughed with an art
("Smiling faces tell those lies")

They wanted some leg
But I shook mah head
And offered dollar bills instead
So they spun me round
And drove me where
No mouse could hear a sound
And they said
"Gimme some leg cos there
Ain't nothin' you can do about it"

(Gimme some leg, man, there's
Nothin' you can do about it)

- Gimme - Gimme -

If ya want some leg
I'm gonna shake mah head
If ya offer dollar bills instead
So don't spin me round
And drive me where
No mouse can hear a sound
And don't say
"Gimme some leg cos there ain't nothin'
You can do about it"


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