The Mexican

アーティストBabe Ruth
作詞Alan Shacklock
作曲Alan Shacklock, Ennio Morricone
He's called Fernandez
Livin' on a gun
Dreams of San Antana
Fighting in the sun
Drums so loud from outside
Makes it hard to dream
A rain is fallin' hard and fast
Makes it all seen real
Mornin' come mornin'
He has got to have his share
Mornin', sad mornin'
Said he must be there
Mornin', sad mornin'
What a laugh
I cried
I cry cry cried
Mornin', sad mornin'

Signor a pining
She call come on home
San Antana is losing
You'll be first to go
Sam Houston's laughing
Davy Crockett too
When Ana takes the Alamo
The first to go is you
Mornin' oh mornin'
I think you've gotta have your share
Mornin', sad mornin'
Heaven will be there
Mornin', sad mornin'
What a laugh and out loud
Ha ha ha ha ha


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