Plains Of Waterloo / ワーテルローの平原

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
As I was a-walking
One midsummer's morning
Down by the gay banks
Of a clear pearling stream
There I met a fair maid
Making sad lamentation
So I threw me self in ambush
To hear her sad refrain

Through the woods she marched along
Caused the valleys to ring-o
And the fine feathered songsters
Around her they flew
Saying, "The war it is now over
And peace it is returned again
Yet my William's not returning
From the plains of Waterloo"

I stepped up to this fair maid
And said, "My fond creature
Oh, dare I make enquire
As to what's your true love's name?
For it's I have been in battle
Where the cannons loud do rattle
And by your description
I might have known the same"

"Willie Smith's me true love's name
He's a hero of great fame
And he's gone
And he's left me in sorrow, it's true
Now no one shall me enjoy
But me own darling boy
And yet he's not returning
From the plains of Waterloo"

"If Willie Smith's your true love's name
Then he's a hero of great fame
He and I have fought in battle
Through many's the long campaign
Through Italy and Russia
Through Germany and Prussia
He was my loyal comrade
Through France and through Spain

"Till at length by the French
Oh, then we were surrounded
And like heroes of old
Then we did them subdue
We fought for three days
Till at length we did defeat him
That bold Napoleon Boney
On the plains of Waterloo

"And on the sixteenth day of June
It is ended the battle
Leaving many's the bold hero
In sorrow to mourn
There the war drums they do beat
And the cannons loud do rattle
It was by a French soldier
Your William was slain

"And as I passed by
Oh, to where he lay a-bleeding
I scarcely had time
For to bid him adieu
With a faint, faltering voice
These words he kept repeating
Fare-thee-well, my lovely Annie
You are far from Waterloo"

And when that this fair maid
Heard this sad acclamation
Her two rosy cheeks
They turned pale into wan
And when that this young man
Saw her sad lamentation
He cried, "Me lovely Annie
Oh, I am your very one

"And here is the ring
That between us was broken
In the depths of all dangers, love
To remind me of you"

And when she saw the token
She fell into his arms
Saying, "You're welcome, lovely William
From the plains of Waterloo"


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