Fair Maid Of Islington

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
There was a fair maid of Islington
As I have heard men tell
And she was a-going to London town
Her apples and pears to sell
As she was a-going along the road
A vintner did her spy
"And what shall I give you, me lass
A night with you to lie?"

"If you would lie with me a night
You must give to me five pounds"
"A match, a match," the vintner said
"And so let this go round"
But when he'd lain with her all night
Her money she did crave
"Oh no, oh no," the vintner said
"The devil a penny you'll have"

This maid she made no more ado
But to the justice went
"This vintner's hired a cellar of me
And he will not pay the rent"
And straight the justice for him sent
And asked the reason why
That he would give this maid no rent
To which he did reply

"Although I hired a cellar of her
And that possession was mine
I never put anything into it
But one small pipe of wine"
This fair maid being ripe of wit
She straight replied again
"There lay two boxes at the door
Why didn't you roll them in?"

The justice laughed and told the vintner
If he a tenant be
He must expect to pay the price
For he couldn't sit rent free
And when this maid her money got
She put it in her purse
And clapped her hands on the cellar door
And said it was none the worse


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