Salisbury Plain

アーティストShirley & Dolly Collins
As I rode over Salisbury Plain
It was there I met a scamping young blade
He kissed me and enticed me so
Till along with him I was forced for to go

We came into a public house at last
And there for a man and wife we did pass
He called for strong ale, wine, and beer
Till at length to bed we both did repair

"Undress yourself, my darling," said he
"Undress yourself and come to bed with me"
"Indeed that I will," then said she
"If you'll keep all them flash girls away"

"Of them flash girls you need not fear
For you'll be safeguarded, my dear
I'll maintain you like some lady gay
For I'll go a-robbing on the king's highway"

So early next morning my true love arose
And so nimbly he put on his clothes
Straightway for the highway he set sail
And it's there he robbed the coaches of the mail

And now my love in Newgate Gaol do lie
Expecting every moment for to die
May the Lord have mercy on his poor soul
For I think I hear the death bell for to toll


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